User profile error

Thank you!!!

The fix has been released!

Please report back. You might need to open the builder and refresh the tab.

I’m still experiencing this issue. I also noticed that under Tab Options the filter ‘email is’ no longer has ‘is signed in user’ as an option. Is that related to this issue?

That’s because you need to format your email column as Email…not text.


of course, ‘user error’ - Sometimes Glide apps are easy to set up, but equally easy to break!

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I’m still seeing logins entered as duplicate rows in my user table

can you send me the support link?

hi santiago, I am also still experiencing the issue of logins entered as duplicates in my user rows

Can you send a support link? We can’t take a look without it.

It’s better if you submit a ticket with your support link and a video of the issue.

Thanks. I have the link but how do i submit a ticket - i haven’t had to report anything yet?

Glide Support

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