When any new user logs in, my app takes 50 seconds or more, to register email id in the user profile sheet

I have a created a welcome screen, and used that email id column as an filter(i.e. filter email as signed in user). this welcome screen, contains text entry input field and image picker and submit button. As soon as the new user logs in, the input fields components, image picker becomes uneditable & greyed out. But as soon as the email gets populated in the user profile sheet and glide maps this user email id with the user, all the components are editable.

is there any way to approach the solution to this problem.

why glide is taking so much time to update in the user profile sheet. My data is somewhat large. and have 58 users.

it takes time to update sheets in Glide… unless all your tables are glide tables

is there any other way to map rows to each user, other than email.?

Maybe this can be the point here.

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