Why my Pro app with 100 users is loading very slow?

I have a pro app with with almost 100 users and 1450 rows, which updates very slow, As you can see the screen recording (Sorry for the bad Quality :sweat_smile:) the user profile sheet registers the new email id after 6-8 seconds, and the data appears after 2-3 mins. Any suggestions from anyone, on how to improve the speed of the app.?
App Slow Loading Issue.mp4 on Vimeo

You Can Test Here by visiting: https://venex.io/

I think I have seen this app being talked about by your team members in this same forum previously. I recall this having a lot of Sheet columns (and possibly calculated columns as well), so that may play a big part in this.

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I don’t think you’re going to get a satisfactory answer from the community, as you’re not giving us the full picture. And so all we’re doing is making wild guesses and speculative suggestions.

I’d recommend that you either:

  • pay an Expert to take a deep dive in your app and figure out exactly what’s going on, or
  • raise a ticket with Glide Support

@Darren_Murphy @ThinhDinh , i have recorded my issue here, can you please help me out.
sharing the link here: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

All the values such as graphs, components are getting calculated in glide only, just when the email cell gets populated, as explained in the video. the data is visible to the user. The email column data is coming from the backend google sheet.

Even though the new user email gets populated in the user profile glide sheet first, it takes more 10 seconds to get populated in the new user glide sheet using relation column

The Solution i am looking for is: The Email column created in the glide sheets should populate at the same time when the user profile email columns gets populated (or) rather than using email to map the user, if another method can be created then it will be great.

I think the only way to make this better is to move the User Profiles table to a Glide Table. You will always experience this delay if you’re using Google Sheets, and that’s not taking into account how complex your data is (columns in Google Sheets, computed columns in Glide, app structure, etc.).

All the data present in user profile is in glide only. when i pull the email column from this glide user profile sheet to other sheets, it is recognising it as a text rather than email.

I mean replacing that table as a Glide Table, since that can reduce the loading time. Your user profiles table is a sheet, no?

@ThinhDinh , i was looking for some hints, regarding my issue in community, i think i have similar issue like this How the row mapping happens? - #10 by rahul482, yesterday i was testing out some things and my issue is exactly related to the email column, earlier the email column data was coming from google sheet, now i have deleted it and have used the suggestion from the community to get email from the user profile sheet using a relation and lookup, but my column is not mapping to the user specific rows, despite having many users, the data is showing from the top row only, and when the user changes data it gets updated to the top row only,
Here are some screenshots:

below are the data for different user ids. the email content shows different but the data shows same.



you can see the email section is changing but the values remains same.

Have you tried clicking another tab and going back to that tab in the builder?

yes, infact when i select filter as signed in user it shows first row values and if i select isn’t signed in user then it shows 2nd row values.
when i have published the app, the values were immediate and not delayed but the values shows for the first rows only for all the users.

@ThinhDinh , I have found solution to this issue, the solution was regarding the selected filter which was referring to the old email column coming from the Google Sheet, rather it should be referring to the newly created email column and should select as signed in user, after changing, it started working fine, although we have a lot of computation which sometimes overwhelm the Glide platform resulting in slow computation, but in near future we will definitely optimize out algo.

Thanks @ThinhDinh & @Darren_Murphy , for helping us out and answering to all our posts despite asking so many questions, you guys are genius and helping the community to get better everyday cheers! :slight_smile: :grinning: :sunglasses:

Regards Nitin,


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