If you know, help me (Improve site loading speed)

hello everyone.

This is an app made with Glide.
The app gets its data via Google Sheets.
The google sheet has a lot of details and the images are from other sites.(only image url display)

The current app is slow to load.
So we need to solve this problem.

if you know how to solve it, plz help.

How many rows on average does each user have to load when they first enter the app?

How many images are you showing them?

Is there a chance you can move formula/data to Glide Tables?

thank u for your reply.

I will try.

help me

I converted to glide table but it isn’t improve the site load.

plz help me

So can you answer this?

How much time do you need to load your app?

thank for your reply
it have short time on PC but smart phone…

if you don’t mind, plz visit my site.
this is my site URL: https://odekake.day

It’s roughly about 7-8 seconds on both my MacOS and iOS devices. I wouldn’t consider that to be very slow.

I don’t see too many records. How many records are you showing here?

You must be beware about using Classic Apps though, as they will be sunset in the future.

What points should I pay attention to?

really sorry but I can’t improve site load?

The number of records you’re showing to the user.

The number of images you’re displaying to the user and how big they are.

I’m not sure if Glide Apps would function better than Classic Apps, but I would recommend moving over before they’re sunset.

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For me it loaded almost right away, just a couple seconds. One thing that may be slowing down the load time is the number of pins you are loading on the map.

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I solved it.
I have one more question.
is it possible automatically input from google sheet to glide table?

when google sheet change, I would like to change the glide table as well.

Is just letting users edit on the Glide side an option for you? I thought you don’t use the Google Sheet anymore once you moved to Glide Tables. What sort of data are users updating there?

thank for your reply.
However, users do not update their data.
Only administrator can update data.

Users refer to all people who use your app. If admins can update the data through the app’s interface, you don’t need your Google Sheets anymore.