High load times at start and when changing tabs


I have some performance issues regarding load time at start and whenever I am changing tabs.
Can I do anything about it?

My app is here: https://apartamente.urbanista.ro/

I have a database with about 3000 entries and about 4000 links to images. The Google Sheet behind it has about 70-80 columns.

Thank you for your help

You seem to have quite a large set of data and images that you are trying to load on your first tab. That can eat through a device’s cache pretty quickly. Is there any way to catagorize you data to streamline it a little better? Also, do you have a lot of calculations (computed columns)? Any computed columns, which include any columns that are not basic columns, are actually calculated on each user’s device. A lot of calculations can begin to slow things down too.

Hi @Jeff_Hager

I found this post and it seems that if I use GDE instead of Google Sheets, I would resolve my loading issues. Do you know if there is a tutorial on this?

Thank you for your help

Do you have a really big dataset that needs migration? If you plan to reduce your loading time then Glide Tables is the way to go, but they don’t have a way to mass upload the data to Glide Tables yet.

@ThinhDinh All I know for sure right now is that I need to improve the loading times. :slight_smile:

Right now, my app first loads in about 20 sec and all transitions from tab to tab are slow. You can access the app here:

The data I have and use:

  • apartments table with about 4000 lines (about 60-70 columns - some of them are user specific - and about 10000 links to pictures - some of the links are duplicates)
  • users: about 500 (but I want to grow them)

The tabs:

  • “Apartamente” shows all the listings in the database. This tab can be filtered using “Criterii principale” and “Criterii secundare” tabs present in the menu
  • “Recommendations” tab where I am manually adding listings that are ok for each user (I do it through a separate sheet)
  • “Oferte” tab - similar to Recommendations tab

“Criterii principale” and “Criterii secundare” are filtering tabs that users can use to search specific properties based on their criteria.

What I tried to do so far is to improve speed by adjusting images. So I started testing cloudimage CDN but the speed didn’t improve so much so I suspect the problem is in the database handling.

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Sounds like a prime candidate for Glide Tables, but until they have an option to mass upload it’s gonna be a pain to import.