Is there a way to increase my app's speed?

Is there a way to increase my app’s speed?

If your app is data heavy, it will take sometime to load for sure. The work around for that is basically removing unwanted data from your sheets / tables and moving it to a different sheet where you can maintain the past data, this way you can keep the app light and it will increase the speed as well.

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Also, please check if you’re using too many big images in one tab. It can really increase the loading time for any first-time users.

If you don’t need users to load all rows, and only their own rows, use row owners.

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tell me more

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What further info do you need? I think he was clear with what you have to do.

currently, I’m using the glide table but I can’t improve the site loading speed.

As he said, you can find a way to periodically move rows that you consider “unwanted data” to another database and only keep “recent” rows, perhaps.

Granted, we don’t know your data structure, it’s just a general advice.

I converted from above google sheet to glide table

I don’t understand Japanese, but I think you’re having a lot of tables in there. There might be a chance you can combine them together.

so you mean I have to combine tables that have a relationship?

That would be one way to start. I see you have some low-line tables in there as well, so if there’s a chance to combine them without having to change much of your front-end structure, you can do it.

do u haven’t another method?

it has the complex structure.
so I think that it’s difficult.

Harsh and me have given you some pointers in this thread and others that you have posted. Please try it first to see if it works.

A note though, I tried to access your app again this morning and it’s loading quickly for me. I’m not sure if it’s a location-specifiic problem.

sorry but can u give me speed test capture file?
I beg you

Do you mean my Internet connection? Or a video of the attempt to load your app?

I think it’s slow the first time it loads.

that is the app load.

and I would love to further improve the loading speed of my site.

It obviously is, because you’re loading content for the first time, especially images. In the next loads, they are already cached, so it loads faster.

i solved it

Thanks for the help. it’s true my app carries alot of data hence slowing down however the app has got faster each time i load it