My app is super slow - especially on Android

Hello, I created an app and in the beginning it worked very smooth. For the last few weeks the app has taken very long to load, also inside the app after pressing any button. This is very annoying for the users and it is particularly bad for users on Android.

I am also using the G-Sheet to do some reporting based on the inputs that Glide writes into some of the sheets. But these reports don’t feed back into the app. Could it be that these extra sheets slow down the whole app?

Any suggestions or hints welcome.

Thank you,

If your app is writing a lot of data to tables…even though you may not be displaying it in the app…it’s used by the app, so the data is most likely being downloaded to the user’s device every time they open it.

One thing you could try is to add an email column to the table and either not fill it at all, or fill it with an admin or fake email. Then apply row owners to that column. That should prevent data from being downloaded to the user’s device, while still allowing data to be written to it.


Thank you so much for the quick answer, Jeff!! I deleted all the sheets with manual Excel formulas, just to see if this solves the problem. On iPhone it runs very smooth now, but on Android it still takes 5 to 7 seconds just to load the new screen that lets me add new entries (clicking the plus). I have almost 1’500 entries (rows) and 49 variables (columns). I have a few if➔then➔else, math and relation and lookup columns.

Any ideas?

Did you try this suggestion for sheets that filled by the app, but no displayed in the app?

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