Delayed opening the app and adding items

Brothers, I have a big problem in my application, as you saw in the attached video, it is very slow, I need 5 minutes to add one item, and this caused me big problems in my work more than a week ago,
Please someone can help me.
I contacted the technical support team and they replied with the following message:

(( It seems that on the"My Customers" tab you are pulling all the data on that particular tab. A way to do this more dynamically is to create a single table that has only one Row. You need to have at least one cell hard written. On that row, you will create a user-specific column where a choice will be housed. Then create a relation to your customers table, depending on the case it could be either simple or multiple, and show the results of that relation on the tab.

This will allow you to filter the data and show only what matches your choice. This will help the app load the data faster and your app speed will increase.

If you need further help doing this, Glide has a very active community, please check out the Community Forum and search for some terms related to this issue. If you’re unable to find anything, please ask your question, or present your idea in the forum. There are plenty of other members that are more than willing to help and share ideas. Your thoughts and ideas there may even help others.))

A few ideas:

  1. open the Dev Console on your browser when you open the app and look for errors (maybe tables that are referenced and you don’t use them)
  2. look at image sizes (backgrounds, etc)
  3. think about the first screen (tab - source table) the user sees. Glide has to load lots of things onto the device, so it’s best to have a skinny initial experience if you can do that…. To give glide a chance to catch up
  4. consider putting in loading gifs that appear if a screen condition is not met (in my case, hide the continue button and show a spinner if a single value lookup is empty - as it’s empty until the table is loaded)
  5. look at your use of row owners in the app - without row owners, you force your users to download all data to their device to use the app!
  6. use Glide Tables more than Google Sheets - and try not to write anything to GS (and if you do, batch write by using set column actions to copy in user specific column values in one go)
  7. think about what data needs to be seen quickly…. And figure out how to speed that up :slight_smile:

I hope these directions give you some ideas :bulb:


I thank you very much dear, I am not a programmer, but I created my entire application with the expertise of the glide community, do you mean this?