Slow loading

hello, i created a simple app with just 2 tabs googlesheet file,
the one has just 3 rows and the other has 2 rows.
but when i’m opening it, from the computer or from my android,
it takes a lot of time to be loaded…
does anyone knows how to improve it?
this is the link:


It loaded quickly for me. How’s your internet connection? Maybe try again in an hour or so.

all the events had loaded quickly?
i mean the 3 rows or just the external template?

The same for me, the app loaded quickly and all links opened quickly too… either in mobile or in desktop mode.

that’s weired…
thank’s anyway

yes, the rows loaded quick as well for me. There have been a few connection issues over the past few weeks. My guess is that a lot more people are using the internet than usual because of covid.