App performance very slow

My initial app load is taking about 10 seconds. My app is also taking about 10 seconds everytime you hit “Back” from the details screen back to the main Tiles list. What are the main things that affect app performance? This tab/sheet has 5 relations, 9 roll-ups, 10 lookups, and 1 math column… is that the problem? Should I do all of those roll-ups and lookups in the spreadsheet instead?

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same here…at least a 2 second delay when clicking drop downs and buttons

Could you share your app please?

Sent you a DM… thanks!

We’ll have a fix that will make it a lot less slow on Thursday.

Thanks… are there any structural changes you’d recommend to speed things up? Doing more of the heavy lifting for lookups/rolloups in google sheets vs in Data editor for example?

That would help, but really this is a performance “bug” in Glide that we have to fix. Thank you so much for reporting it!

I have a similar issue (slow switching between tabs, opening of pages, loading, etc) and I only have 350(ish) rows. Thought it was me, but good to know there is a fix coming.

As a side note, it would be awesome to have lazy load for long lists :rocket:

@tarasmuz Could you share your app and tell me what I have to do to experience the slowness?

Is it possible to private message you about this? I have some personal health data in the app and I didn’t want to share publicly (it only got slow once I imported a year worth of tracking points, so I can’t replicate without leaving the actual spreadsheet there)

If not, you can see in this video how the frames drop when opening and closing the add window. It is also dropping animation frames when opening the details for an individual day or sometimes scrolling.

Yes, please PM me.

I’m can’t find the PM button :sweat_smile: Is it possible to do it on this forum?

Sorry :sweat_smile:

Oh, that’s weird! Please just email me at

Having this problem too.

Hit 400 images, and about 100 rows, and now images are taking 10-20s to load.

Images are all taken from Facebook, so they’re already compressed (~100kb)

My app is

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Everything loaded pretty quick for me. How’s your internet connection? Could you make a video of you loading the app, so we can see the slowness?

Where are you geographically?

Internet is fine. Thanks guys

Strange. I just tried again, and it all seems fine. Also, I’ve asked others to try and it also seems fine. Slightly slower but fine.

Anyway, glad everything seems good.

Thanks @Mark and @Jeff_Hager

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Just a quick comment to say congrats on a great app! Looks super good, and the food looks delish! (Now I’m hungry)