Slow Loading from Sign In to Loading the first Tab

My app’s URL: https://appsmiaa,


I have a pro subscription, has more than 1k users and around 15k rows before I deleted almost 10k rows yesterday.

Before deleting the rows, app is relatively slow from sign in to loading the first page/tab. Uploading of selfie pic is also relatively slow more because of the file size.

But after deleting 10k rows, which I though would speed up things, what happened was I had to replace my source sheets because somehow updating records was disabled/disconnected, AND the slow loading became much more slower. Like from 10 seconds of loading it became 2 minutes, and longer for others with slow internet.

I would like to ask if this is a performance bug or there was something wrong with deleting 10k rows? not to mention updating the the G sheets was disabled that I have to replace sheets with a copy of that sheet.

Hope anyone from Glide can help, Thank you very much!

I am having the same issue. I have 2000 users. Few users who are connected to specific broadband service provider are having this issue. But for them all other apps are working except the glide app. It loads very very slow. I did a speed test for them and the speed is ranging from 1MBps to 6 MBps.

I’m having the same issues with around 100 users. Any word on a source for this issue?

This issue seems to have been solved, any luck for you guys?

Same problem I think. In the past few days got concerning complaints on the app (Pro) getting stuck when starting