App sometimes fails completely to load

About 10-20% of the time when I click my app’s icon on my phone all that I get is a white screen – the app simply never comes up. When this happens, it keeps happening for at least several minutes.

At the same time, I can browse to the url on my iPhone’s Safari or Chrome browser and the page loads fine.
It happens more often when I am away from wifi but still happens when I have very high bandwidth.

Might anybody know what the issue is? I see it as a complete fail from the user’s perspective and would very much like to resolve it.



Happens to me a lot too… after force closing it, it usually opens up after the 2nd or 3rd try. However, it shouldn’t need to be force closed to work properly…


This happens to our app as well, Our load screen is very lightweight with fully optimized images, etc. I appreciate you posting this issue.

Cc: @Natalie_Fruciano

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This has been happening (off and on) for quite a while, and there are several related “Bug” topics.
Hopefully it’s something that the Glide team will get to the bottom of.


This has returned as a horrible issue for my app when running on my iPhone (Safari or Chrome). Instead of the app loading, no matter how long I wait all I see is a blank white screen (sometimes ‘made with glide’ appears for a moment before going blank white, sometimes not). It does load on my laptop at the same time.

This is potentially extremely costly for me, as first-time users expect better and may never come back. I consider this the worst possible bug, literally (you can’t even get in to see other bugs!), awful enough to abandon Glide for another platform if it’s not fixed soon. I hope it’s obvious that’s how crucial this is.

A large number of companies that provide web-based services provide guarantees up-times in their contracts, usually 99.9% or better. I figure Glide doesn’t offer up time guarantees (yet?), but Glide is coming nowhere near the industry standard.


@mark are you getting closer to solving this serious bug. It keeps happening

Update that may help debugging:
After 30 minutes, Chrome on iPhone started to load.
After 60 minutes, Safari still is white page only, despite restarting device.
On Safari, the Glide landing page to enter email and get a PIN comes up.
After entering the PIN the browser seems to think the page has loaded, but only the white screen shows.

Hi @Jason_Fisher Hopefully the issues can be resolved quickly for you. May I ask if you’re using Google sheets or Glide tables for your database?

I am using a combination of both Google Sheets and Glide tables.

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I am currently seeing this bug. On my iPhone, the app/site does load directly via Chrome and via Safari.
However, if I use ‘add to home screen’ then use that home screen icon, I get only a white screen and a spinning/loading icon up top.

To test, I deleted the icon, loaded the app via Safari and added to home screen again. Again it fails to load using the icon on the home screen, but does load using Safari.

I hope this distinction is useful in resolving this bug.

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