App isn't loading!

My app’s URL:

My app isn’t loading and my first official customer just paid me. I need help ASAP!

It loads instantly for me. How are you accessing it? From where?

I’m in NJ. Both mobile and laptop.

You see a white screen? An error message? Can you show us?

Indzed, from France, this app start but does not load its content.

I killed it, restart, and it works now. Instantly

Sorry… I tried restarting all my devices. It’s still not loading for me on any device

Trying to send you a recording on Loom, but that isn’t working for me either.

I put a video in the other thread, I’m pretty sure everyone is experiencing the same thing. Apps go from the loading screen directly to a white blank screen.

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Ok… It’s working again. Fingers crossed it works for my client! Thanks for your prompt response. I was freaking out!

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