Platform down?

My app’s URL: &
For front end are only loading white pages in browser and on phone.

@Mark? It must be a load balancer or staged release,… because some people that are using the app in South Africa are fine, others in NL aren’t.

@Robert_Petitto sorry to drag you in,… but are you experiencing any glitches at the moment?
I’m not able to load any glide app from my location in Amsterdam on 3 different devices. (also white screen, not my app)

Hmmm seems to be back,…

— update —
No, only for a moment,… it’s out again.

Is anyone getting the same experience?

Yes. My UI editor / Data editor froze. Not reloading now.

Where are you located?

We have confirmed a service interruption when routed through amsterdam. The affected server is being taken offline now.

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Service should be restored via hamsterdam

Yes, I can confirm! Thank you.

In India

Outage continues

@mthakershi Please check your internet connection. We are not aware of a builder outage anywhere in the world.

If it’s definitely not your own internet connection, please share screenshots with us, ideally with the developer tools of your browser enabled.

Still white page on either public or public with email apps.

You can check the video also showing my active connection.
I’m getting reports from users that now have frozen login screens.

@Naos_Wilbrink My request to check the internet connection was directed at @mthakershi, not you.

We’re investigating the cause of the sign-in troubles.

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Sorry, long day. Good luck with finding the culprit.

@Daniel_Sweet not sure if it helps but it might be a bad cache of sorts.
One user couldn’t use the app on her home screen. It froze. Now opening a browser it’s halting on waiting for pin. HOWEVER when going into private browsing same device the login works. Pin is received and data shown.