Cannot access app from phone

I get stuck on a white screen when trying to access my apps from phone. I’m in Sweden.

Using the designer from a browser is working fine.

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Me,too. I operated in Japan.I cannot reach my app site.

I started noticing something odd going on when the symbol for “call”, “email” and “message” disappeared on my action buttons. Then the symbol for left menu disappeared. You could still click the buttons and menu, they were just not showing the symbol.

So, to reset the app I closed it manually. And this is when my “white screen freeze” started.

I just successfully accessed my apps. But it still went slow.

Sadly I’ve experienced the service as a bit hickupy so far - is this usual or have I been unlucky?
See, I just launched four apps for my workplace last week and I’d wish for things to run smoothly… :yum:

…or at least to have some sort of answer to the peeps that are trying to use these apps - to keep The Service out of their “mental dark space”. :cowboy_hat_face: