App Completely Disappeared

My app’s URL:
I was just about to write a post about the new Virtual Mall ive been building but today all of a sudden it disappeared.
I can’t even open it inside glide for editing. And 3 people have written me to tell me that the app is just a white screen.
Any ideas?

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Your app opens for me. I did not sign in, but I do get the login screen. I am in New York City, USA. Is there any pattern to the users who cannot access it in terms of device or location?

thanks for letting me know… are you using safari?
Ive tried 2 computers and 3 phones and white screen on every one

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Working in Canada as well. IOS safari

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Did either of you actually sign in? I just opened it in Firefox and only the login screen loaded…

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No, as I said I just saw the sign up screen I did not login. But I will try now and let you know what happens.

thank you


It does not load.

See this thread and report it here:

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I didn’t log in as I respect privacy of your app.

it says on that everything is up and operational… but still can’t get anything to load

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I would email - make sure you use all lower case (a capital letter will kick it back)

This is possibly related to the outage mentioned here: Critical Issue - App Outage - Login timing out for all my apps in Northeast US

We’re investigating right now.

@Jaybird_Farrow all is well and good. Elevators are working fine. First tab 1 opens into a dark world, and on the 2nd tab elevator I see some1 jumping up and down in joy.

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