Change of loading screen - all white


After the “splash screen” the apps turn all white. After some seconds a progress indicator (wheel) appears shortly and the app is up.

It generates a poor UX as the user does not know if the app has crashes or in process of loading.

Previously more progress indicators were shown at the same time (not that pretty) but is was shown straight after the splash screen

Maybe related to this bug

I’m seeing something similar. My apps show the logo, then the browser URL bar, then a white screen. Sometimes it then directs to the app, but sometimes I need to close and reopen it.

Can you please include screen recordings of the issue, and links to your apps if we can inspect them?

@david try any app. All apps begaves like that.

Can’t get to upload video in here

I see. It flashes white, then the app loads? It doesn’t get stuck on a white screen, right?

@david It doesn’t get stuck. Correct. But loading with white screen - no progress indicator. Not very nice ux
Uploaded the video to my own gdrive

I’ve had a few instances where it remains on the white screen. Unfortunately, I can’t repro it now for the screen recording.

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can you put insert favicon image to in choice compenent?

can you create launching app logo while first loading to page???

@david Yeah, I will just throw a followup comment here regarding less than optimal experience of having the white screen flash before content is loaded.

For apps that have user authentication (like ours), It would be great if app waiting until all user specific content was loaded, and just showed the current “signing in…” text until all content for a user has been loaded, and then renders the content.!

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