App freezes frequently on iphone

Hello, this could be a deal breaker for me. The app on iPhone keeps freezing. Not on any particular page and not for any particular reason. It’s a big problem and happens all the time. Thanks for any advice.

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Can you give us the link to the app so we can test?

I have the same issue. I made a video and sent to @david recently. I was about to follow up on this because it’s still happening all over the app and I’m quite concerned that this will have a seriously negative impact on user impression and experience.


Can you please tell us your browser, browser version, and iOS version number?

Mine is iPhone 11Pro, iOS 13.6.1, the app is installed so not using a browser per se but maybe it does and I just don’t know it.

Not sure how to get the mobile safari browser version if you have any instruction for me there?

@SuperMerabh I am testing your app now. It’s awesome!

If you can give me any hints about what screens this has happened on, that would help. I haven’t been able to make it freeze yet.

@david were you able to sort anything from the video I sent you?

Hello David, thanks! It’s easy to make awesome apps with Glideapp! I really don’t see any pattern of why it freezes, it doesn’t happen on certain screens. After a few minutes it “releases” the freeze. I have 20+ years of web development, so I know how to troubleshoot it but I didn’t get anywhere. If I had to guess, I would say maybe it freezes when it gets an update? or something intensive happens in the background? How often does it refresh? If that’s the issue, maybe it should give us the option to “push” a new version instead of it constantly refreshing?


Also, could it have anything to do with the type of mobile device? I’m on iPhone 11.

Also good to check there are no memory issues with the phone - an 11 should not run out, but I have had serious problems with response time and freezing all kinds of apps when short on memory, or even just a bad connection.

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We will test the app on a low-memory device to see if this is the issue.

Your app is image-heavy, and in some scenarios this can take up more memory than we’d like.

Let me know about my app as well. I sent a video on August 13th but was about to raise this again with support because I continue to have this issue as recently as today and haven’t heard any feedback. I am at home, on the strongest wi-fi Verizon offers, and my phone is fairly new with plenty of storage.

That is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen a Glide app do. I’ll bring it up with the team!

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Thanks David. I have had the new customer’s admins in the environment, checking that their data is right etc., and their users will onboard sometime next week. I am really concerned about them experiencing this issue - it will make a terrible first impression of an amazing app!

My iPhone is hardly low memory, it’s the latest iPhone 11, only 3 weeks old. It it doesn’t work on that, then we can’t expect it to work with older devices.

How do you define heaviness when it comes to images? How many are too many? Should I reduce the quality of the images?

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It’s a brand new iPhone 11, only 3 weeks old…it should have no memory issues :stuck_out_tongue:


As David said we are investigating the issue now. There seems to be some sort of pathological case being triggered.


Deena, apologies, can you please give me access to your app again?

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How do I get to the page where I can see the issue in the app (sorry its taken me this long just to take in how breathtakingly complex and awesome your app is)