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I am looking to re-launch my app on April 1 but it sometimes takes over 1 min to show the home page after the user clicks on the app. I asked for help from Glide support and they were not helpful. In the process of working with tech support, I got a new phone and the app seems to work a little faster on the new phone but is slow on other’s phones. I need for this to be user friendly for all users. Any help would be appreciated. My link is

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Sorry to hear that. The only Support Ticket I have been able to find for you in our system is #9414. On March 11th, we replied with questions to you asking for more information about your network connections because we could not reproduce the issue. We received no replies to that inquiry nor the three automated subsequent emails reminding you that we were waiting for a response. The ticket was subsequently automatically closed.

Did you create another support request under a different email address, perhaps?

That is the one. I replied three times to that question: once on March 11 at 3:58pm and again on March 12 at 3:56pm (both central time). When I received the email saying that the ticket was closed, I replied again on March 18 at 5:31pm (CDT) with the following: “This issue has NOT bee resolved. I replied 3 times to the last email and did not see any progress. I need this fixed!!!” My first message that answered the question, was as follows: “i have tried it in different places, using WiFi and LTE. It seems to be the same. I have also deleted the app from my phone numerous times and re-downloaded and it is the same.”

I did not create another support ticket.

This is a native Glide issue. Can you share the link of your app to test it?

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On the web it works quite well. The problem, as always, is on mobile devices (especially Android), this is an issue that I’ve been tired of mentioning in the forum for months and they have not given an answer or solution. Greetings!


You can also check this data yourself at:

And you will see that it is a repetitive factor in any app made in Glide.

I am truly a fan of Glide, but this is already getting unbearable.

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Hola @TMAC50

I tested briefly your APP and I could see the problem that you report. On PCs using Windows the problem doesn’t appear, your APP is launched and starts fast at anytime but using several iPhone, the weird delay occurs from 2nd time any user uses your APP (I used Google authentication for it).

I just try to narrow the problem source so I ask you: is there any chance to change your APP privacy and set it to Public in order to see if there is an improvement with it? It’s just for testing purposes and check if the Google authentication is affecting your APP.


How can the privacy of the app be the problem?

Well, a failure or corruption in Logins records can create a delay to start. The 1st step in these cases is narrow and isolate the cause(s). He reports a problem when his APP starts not about its performance.


I’m 95% sure that’s not the problem. I have seen this type of problem/error too many times and it is always for the same reason. @TMAC50 try what the colleague tells you and let us know!

I changed it to public and then I logged out on my iPhone. When I logged in, the app did start up quickly, but I am unable to get into the app because it needs an account.

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I tried it on my phone and obviously I couldn’t log in but the welcome screen did pop up right away. Is the problem when you login into the app?

I’ve tried your app on my windows laptop as well as my 2 year old, low range model, android phone. So far, I am unable to see any sort of excessive delay. The only thing I would question is the rendering time of the video on the home screen, but that’s only a second or two delay for me. That could be something to experiment with by removing it temporarily.

Do you have a particular University, that shows this issue, that I could set in my profile to see if that makes a difference?

That is very helpful. Here is the video that I sent to tech support when I first opened a ticket for this issue. It is better now that I have a new phone but my son has an older phone and it is still slow on his Dropbox - RPReplay_Final1646317457.MP4 - Simplify your life. The phone that this video was recorded on was not too old (iPhone XR) and was tested with strong wifi and LTE.

Thanks for testing.

Now, what if you remove the Google authentication and leave a basic authentication? I mean, remove the Google account option in privacy to use other kind of emails always.

I also thought about the video on the home screen (what Jeff told you), but first I want to rule out an authentication issue in order to evaluate other components.


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Customers also report that after they’ve logged in, the app is slow to launch. This is happening to users who use Iphone.
From what I read in the reports above, this is not exclusive to one or another application developed with Glide.
This type of bug or user requests here on the platform should be seen more carefully, precisely because our customers always report this problem and sometimes get discouraged.


“This type of bug or user requests here on the platform should be seen more carefully, precisely because our customers always report this problem and sometimes get discouraged.”


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You could vote for that here @TMAC50 @Jorge_Hernandez @Wander_Ferreira