INCREDIBLY Slow loading on Mobile

I tested my apps (with almost no data) on my own mobile device and it took over 20 seconds to render anything.

I then thought maybe it’s because I am in South Africa and the servers are in the US, so I did a test on using a mobile device in Virginia, US.

This is the result.

25 seconds to load a page with 3 elements! No one is going to use our Apps if they load this slow.

I have logged tickets with Glide Support and this was their response.

“It’s important to note that the loading times you’re experiencing may not be the same as those in the screenshots you shared. The time it takes to load an app can vary depending on the amount of data being loaded into the device’s browser.
As each user’s device and connection may differ, it’s possible that some users experience faster or slower loading times than others.”

It seems Glide is really not taking this concern seriously. I have noticed others in the community having the same issues with Slow apps and loading times.

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You’d have to be more specific on what your app is loading. 20 seconds is not typical. Most speed issues depend on how much data is being downloaded…how many images are loading…how many computed columns are being processed…and how complex those computations are.

There is never an easy and straightforward answer to this, but it usually depends on how much demand you are putting on the end user’s device. As Glide support mentioned, there are many variables at the user level that can affect speed. But there are also many variables at the developer level as well. Front and backend app design can affect the speed of the app just as well. Just keep these things in mind.

  • The user’s device needs to first download the app interface and all data they have access to every time you open the app.
  • The user’s device needs to process all of that data to populate all computed columns.
  • The user’s device needs to download and cache any images used in the app.

If your first screen is creating a large processing demand, then yes it will take longer to download, process, and render the screen.


That’s exactly the thing - this is a brand new app without anything added. So I created a new app and then tested it and this is the result.

This means that everyone should be having this same experience regardless of how much data etc. their app has.

A 25second loading time for an app without any data doesn’t make sense.

Surely I am not the only one experiencing this. I have noticed others on the community talking about the same problem.

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I visited your rocketship test site and it loaded for me in about 3 seconds on my first visit.

When visiting my own site with data, takes about the same, maybe 1 sec longer

Did you open it on mobile or desktop? Desktop works ok for me as well but mobile takes ages to load anything.

I just tried it on mobile (IOS/Safari), and it loaded within about 2 seconds. :man_shrugging:t3:

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Likewise, I tried on an Android device a few times. Even wiped cache for the site each time. I’m in my camper, which is a bit of a faraday cage. Currently only connecting on 4G. Also have another device currently streaming live TV from my phone’s hotspot.

Your site loaded in 2 to 5 seconds. Once it was slower, but couldn’t reproduce it, even with the cache wipe.


Don’t know how the test on that side was conducted, but can confirm it loaded in 2 seconds for me here. Chromium on MacOS.

I created a video: Glide Pages Slow - YouTube

Does this look normal?

Phone is connected to Wifi

Looks like your browser may have a large amount of tabs open…maybe affecting CPU or memory usage??? Have you tried other phones? Other browsers? No that doesn’t look normal, but it’s not typical either. Especially with a basic glide default app.

Tried different devices and same result. Also tried to use cell data and not wifi and same result.

Very strange. The 4 of us aren’t having issues, just on your end. Any of your users having slow load time?

I am based in the US, but I dont think all of us are.

Seems like it’s not just me experiencing this: Slow app. Anyone can have a look inside?

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Yeah, I saw that thread. I don’t know what else I can tell you. Just what I observed and things to try. I don’t work for Glide, so there isn’t anything I can check on the back end.

The only time I’ve personally had issues with speed was due to having large tables with very heavy calculations. Everybody’s app is different, so it’s hard to say what the exact culprit is. Usually it takes a lot of trial and error to figure it out. However, it is weird that you are experiencing issues with a basic starter app with no modifications.

I guess the only thing you could do is attempt some pinging and trace routes to see if there is a problem or delay somewhere in the global network. Really something only you can diagnose from your end.

Thanks for your help Jeff. Appreciate you trying to assist.

The fact that others are experiencing the same issue means that it’s not just me. I’ve seen about 5 people posting on the community lately about speed.

Also - the issue is not on desktop, only mobile. So it’s not a network issue since I’m using the same connection for desktop vs. mobile so why would desktop load in 4sec but mobile in 24sec.

Also super disappointed with Glide support who doesn’t seem to understand what I am telling them.

Very frustrated!!!

For mobile testing, it’s about 3-4 seconds for me. iOS 16.5 from Vietnam.

Less than 2 seconds on my phone without wifi… 1 second with wifi… Galaxy Note

Same with me, app takes 20 seconds and the landing page has only 6 action buttons… tried from iphone 11. Browser is empty. Connection is super fast

@Erwin_Potgieter several months have passed and I was wondering whether you found a solution. If so please share as I am still stuck with the same issue

thank you!