Performance issues / initial loading time on Android

Hi everyone,

I have created an app for a grocery delivery service in Germany and I really like working with Glide. Unfortunately, the overall performance of the app (initial loading time is ~20 seconds on most Android devices) as well as the transition between screens (2-3 seconds) is very poor - some users even think that the website does not work at all and leave it again (also, in the first 10 seconds of the initial loading, there is no loading spinner, just a white screen, which might cause confusion).

Pagespeed measures a Time to Interactive of roughly 20 seconds on mobile and identifies Javascript Scripts as one the main problems (9 seconds for loading). Desktop and newer iPhones are working fine however (older iPhones still ~10 seconds).

Does my location (Europe) play a role here, since Glide Servers are apparently in the US? I have already duplicated my app and tried to delete half of the rows, most of the screens in the navigation, reduced the “main” screen to an absolute minimum without directly filtering a table with 1k rows etc. but with little success. I have tested even very simple apps (like the boilerplate app that are being auto generated) which also load >15 seconds.

few infos:

  • circa 5k rows, all in Glide Tables (no Google Sheets, no Airtable, no Zaps)
  • some computed columns and relations
  • no videos, large images only on product screens and only one per screen
  • categories (~1k) and products (~2k) are shown in inline lists and are being filtered based on their properties (e.g. only show products that belong to category XY)


Any ideas if and how this can be improved?

Thank you!

I can confirm that it does take ~ 10 secs to load for me initially but once it has loaded it’s fine.

Not quite sure how it can be furtherly improved.