Slow app. Anyone can have a look inside?

Looking for someone who can check my app in detail to see why it has such as slow loading time… can any expert have a quick look? I have made the opening page very light but it’s still too slow

I’m having the exact same issue. I created a blank app and it takes 20seconds to load anything on my mobile device. On desktop it’s about 4-5 seconds. I am based in South Africa so not sure if that has something to do with it. I have logged a ticket for support to look into it but they keep thinking it is my app even though I tell them it’s a blank app!

Where are you based?

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Yes, same thing! I am base in Italy and i keep getting answer like your main landing page has to many components so i removed all of them but it still takes ages to load…

same delay issue here in Malaysia (25s). I think Glide only can load faster in US?

Unfortunately Glide is not helping as on their side “everything is ok”… @Jeff_Hager is an expert which is always very helpful in the community. Hopefully he knows something more!