(Edit) App freezes when minimized to background

My app’s URL: fgcqb.glideapp.io (don’t visit if you are not a developer please)
I found that when I close the app without completely shutting it down (for iPhone X swiping halfway up and then swiping the app up) and then reopening it, it completely freezes. The same goes for using a function that makes you leave the app. (maps, links, calling) @admins please help.

Would you mind making a video showing exactly what you’re doing and what happens, please?

I can’t upload a video because the video platform you use isn’t on my phone

Also, some clown made all of our bio’s “go f*ck” not helpful.

@KGosliga FYI, if you have sensitive data in your app, you would be best to use a password, whitelist, or public with email (with per user filtering). Another option is to make a copy and fill the copied app with fake data. I think the Glide team has ways to get into your app even with these protections. You can also Private Message your app link to the team instead of publicly posting it to the forum. Telling people not to visit is just going to entice them to visit anyway. I’m sorry that someone felt the need to deface your app, but that might be a good reason to reconsider your layout and build in authorities so only certain people have access to make changes to the data.

As for your freezing issue, I have seen a few complaints and included a few posts below. The common thread appears to issues with IOS. I’m an Android guy myself, so I can’t test it, but there seems to be a a handful of things that Android has better PWA support compared to IOS.

As for uploading a video, what do you mean by video platform? I would think you could use the screen recorder on IOS and either upload the video directly to the forum or upload to something like google drive or dropbox and share the public link on the forum.

Best of luck.