App freeze on few clicks of tab icon

App keeps on freezing if I click on any of the tabs 4-5 times quickly … basically the whole screen moves up and jitters and stays frozen for a while . I was thinking of releasing the pro version of the app later today …
My app’s URL:

Can you make a video of this?

it happens intermittently on iphone 10 and iphone SE that i have tested… I will send video when i see it again…

Hey. Just started using this app creator. I’ve noticed that when you click on a link and it takes you out of the glideapp, it freezes when you come back to it. You then have to force quit the by swiping it away to get it to function again. It only happens when you set it to use a password to sign in. I’m testing on an iPhone 11 pro.

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Apparently, after further testing, it does with Or without a password.

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@Walt_Whitman Could you make a video, please?

In the video below I tap on a link that takes me out of my app to Apple music. When I flip back to my app it is unresponsive. It also happens with Pages.

@Walt_Whitman Could you share your app, please?

We can reproduce this problem and are trying to figure out the cause. Thank you for reporting it.


Any updates? Were you able to figure out what was causing the freezing when app switching? Just curious.

This should be fixed now.

I’ve got this issue as well in one of my apps, in an iPhone. Hasn’t happened in my Android.

Here’s the video (from one of the users)

@eltintero Please try restarting your phone. The cause of the multitasking freezes is a bug in iOS, in an app subsystem designed to be difficult to get rid of. Restarting your phone should deactivate the code causing this issue.

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Thank you! Be well and stay safe.

Hey. The multitasking freezing issue is happening again out of the blue. Restarted and hard reset my iPhone 11Pro to no avail.