Glide app feezing frequently

Hello. First post here, thanks for your help in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

My app freezes frequently on use. It doesn’t go blank or reboot by itself, but it just freezes and responds to neither taps nor scroll gestures. I need to close and restart it to make it become responsive again. I have another Glide app that does not suffer from the same issues when I use it in the same devices.

What could be the problem?

Is this only an issue in the builder, or when viewing the app on a phone or in a browser? Is there a certain location or screen in your app where it always freezes? Is it easy to consistently reproduce?

There is a lot of images in the app and could be causing caching issues, but it doesn’t seem like an unusually large amount that should cause issues. I have a slower phone that freezes frequently, but I was able to navigate around your app. What kind of device are you using?

On phone, in this case on iPhone 11 Max Pro, specifically on the home screen, does not reproduce consistently, but happens frequently nevertheless.