App freezes

I am starting a new topic here because the other one I opened with same topic was overtaken by different issues. I hope it’s ok.

Please don’t post about the issue of “white screen” or “white screen with spinning GIF”, looks like these are related to loading time that is too slow as, try to optimize your photos and avoid using the usplash images till they figure out why it’s slowing down things.

This thread is about the app freezing for no apparent reason and not on any particular page.

I have a feeling it has to do with the update that happens from time to time. I was not able to get a reply to my question of how often is the app being updated? what interval? as we can’t control this, it’s hard to troubleshoot. My theory so far is that the app freezes when it gets updated, but no way of proving it and I’m not sure it even makes sense.

Thank you!

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There have been a few other threads circulating about app freezing and pages sticking over the last weeks. @Jason sorted out that it’s a PWA issue outside of Glide’s control, with iOS, which Apple has apparently fixed for iOS 14 (public beta at the moment). One thread is below - the screen moving and app freezing pages are related issues and some seem to experience more of one than the other. I was seeing both. If you’re experiencing this on a different device and OS, then perhaps share that so Glide team can look into your specific case. Obviously I’m not thrilled to wait for all of my app users to upgrade to iOS 14 but I understand that Apple is Apple. :upside_down_face:

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Wow, thanks for letting me know @deena! How did you upgrade to iOS 14? On my iPhone it says the latest is 13.6.1

I am relieved this is nothing to do with GlideApps! And that I am not crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here you go!

Ok, thanks!!!

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We’ve been tracking what we think this issue is, in Apple’s bug tracker for six months. They fixed it, then broke it again, but it looks on track to be fixed in iOS 14.

Details here:


I have experienced app freezing in only two situations:

  1. an inline list set to horizontal swiping where the list was set to show over 100 items before See All. Visiting the screen once was very stuttered and then visiting a second time just straight up froze the app. I was told that Glide doesn’t advise horizontal inline lists with hundreds of items viewable. This is a technical issue related to performance and memory.

  2. an audio component playing while the screen auto locks or you switch to another app or the home screen. The sound fades out and when you return to the app, it’s frozen. The sound fading out is an issue suffered by most PWAs and an iOS issue. The fact that it freezes the PWA upon return?.. :man_shrugging:

Hey @Deena, wondering if you could perhaps test a glide audio component on iOS 14? While it’s playing, turn off your screen and see if it still plays. And if it doesn’t, does the app freeze when you return?

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Yes, just give me a little bit and I will do it this evening and post an update.

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No freezing after playing audio, leaving app, returning to app. Here’s your proof! :smiley_cat:


Nice! This is great to see (and hear)! Thank you @Deena!

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