Slow App loading since last 2 days


@david did Glide make any update 2 days ago? Because since 2 days some of our users have been complaining that the app is not getting loaded in their device. Prior to that it was working fine. But since last 2 days they are unable to do so.

When I investigated further, it is Predominantly happening to users using a particular wifi network provider. Speed test shows 1MBps - 5 MBps speed. However youtube and online conferencing is all working. It is only the glide app which is not loading.

Just want to find out how much MB are we downloading before the app opens? And did you change that logic recently. Because this is a new issue.

Hello! What country are these users in?


@david Were you able to look into the issue?

Hi @david, I have the same issue, it takes dozenS of seconds to load my app, and this started approx 1 week ago.
(origin France)

Hi, in Israel we experience that as well, even when having strong network (70MB download), both on the app itself and in the builder

Hi, same from France too :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2:

I have a blank screen while 20-30 s. or I need to close and reopen the app 1 or 2 times

We’ve spotted where the issue is happening. It’s not region-specific, but it may be time-specific and happening intermittently. We’re troubleshooting now.


So glad to hear that. :slight_smile:

I know said wasn’t region specific, but just adding same for me in UK.

Very dependent on size of tab as a near empty tab is the only one to work.

Ive noticed it mostly between 6pm -11pm BST

Could this be in any way related to the bug?

hi @david has this been resolved?

Same issue in US

@david all the apps that I have is still loading slow even within 200 rows of data. The login screens are sctremely slow. I have a 20MBps connection.

@david I am in Australia & had an “enquiry” from a client about slow load times. I initially deflected & blamed service providers, now I am not so sure? Any updates? Cheers

I have been blaming the service provider, their phone’s RAM speed, browser and what not. :grin::grin:

I can no longer hold them. I need to either develop my own app or shift them to something other platform.

(I stopped the video, but it keeps running…)

This happened regularly for the last week (in addition to strange behaviors of the databuilder from time to time).

Small joke: was the good week to launch the new pricing :slight_smile:

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It’s better since few days for me :slight_smile:

Same for us.

We continue to work on some performance issues, it should continue to improve this week.