Very Slow to Load

Hello, my apps in PRO plan (Legacy) which 25,000 rows quota but now my main timesheet sheet got 1866 which have relation to other sheet contain 3346 rows.

But my user was keep complaining said that the apps was very slow to load.
I also try using 3 different devices . To go the Tab is around 37.3, 39.41 and 36.53 seconds which for me its not make sense.

I don’t know whether its cause of my calculation column or the rows itself.

It’s very difficult for anyone to help you troubleshoot this without having access to your app. All we could really do is offer generic advice - try to minimise the number of relations, computed columns, show new screen actions, etc.

You’re probably best to log a support ticket with Glide and send them a support link. Then they can poke around under the hood and offer specific advice.


Okay Darren, thanks for your timeee

Ok but, I tried to minimize the data. So i decided whichever data for 2021 and older, I deleted,
Then, this is happen.

The data still there but actually i was deleted from google sheet. I know its take time for glide to read.
But I think I wait already like 40 minutes ?

Have you tried a force a sync?
What happens when you exit the builder and then open it again?

Same Darren, maybe it would take more time.