App very slow and getting stuck

Hello, is it possible that too many relation could slow app down to the point of getting stuck and need to be relaunched? Thanks in advance.

Keep in mind, Glide does not calculate columns if it not necessary to display.
So, you can have so many relations which not affected to performance.
But if your calculation chain to long i think is possibility to reduce app performance.
Also, sometimes, i think, some experimental columns produce extra load to CPU without (understanded reason).
Try to reduce rollup on calculated columns, try to use basic columns to rollup instead calculated, I think.

Do you use many queries columns that target the whole table?

I actually don’t use query columns. But I do use lookup columns to bring data where I need.

I dont know, but may be, you can try to use new Glide player beta. It wil be interesting where it can fasterning the app

new Glide player beta

Is it currently open and ready to use?

Check your team folder settings to enable any beta features.

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:pray::pray::pray: Thank you very much, I saw it and I gave it a try. It’s really faster. But…it seems The map component won’t work and won’t display. I tested on an iphone device.

Yes too many relations does slow down the app for sure. Too much data also slows down the app.
Glide tables is way better than syncing with google sheets & I find that apps work way better when you access their link than when you test them from the glide builder. The builder always crashes as I am building my apps although i have very very fast internet & a very new Macbook.

Keep in mind, computed columns are calculated on the user device. Most user complains on the app speed come back to their own device issues & memory.