Application slowdown

Is it my impression or does glide go slower? Let me explain further. My app used to load pretty fast, now it doesn’t. Also, when I touch an icon to go from one menu to another, endless seconds go by to the point where I think I haven’t touched anything. Does it depend on the under-the-hood work being done or something else? Can anyone explain to me what is going on? This makes the application unusable, or almost unusable!

Can you share your app with us to test?

Do your users report the same thing?

Do you use Glide Tables or Google Sheets, or any other types of backend that Glide supports?

Thanks @ThinhDinh for the reply.
I’ve tried it in other smartphones and it works fine, in fact it seems even faster than before so I tried to figure out what I changed in my device. In fact, being an Apple beta tester I had tested the isolation function of the new iOS 16 and that was the problem. In isolation it slowed everything down, both starting up and switching between tabs in the various menus. Thanks for opening my eyes a bit.
If you want my WebApp, you can find it at and I would love to hear your impressions and also those of anyone who would like to try it out.
Kind regards