App slow and almost impossible to edit

My app’s URL:

The home “Browse” screen is taking a very long time to load (even in edit mode). Also having a hard time using the back functionality. I have lots of images, but am below the quota and it hasn’t been a problem in the past. If anything I recently removed quite a bit of content/functionality from the app.

Any help would be much appreciated!


It is very slow to me as well- I have been waiting over 2 minutes for the browse to load and still nothing… I am not able to click on any of tabs either… it finally loaded while i was doing something else… the trending tab operates normally, but when i switch back to the browse tab, it hangs up. Something in there is taking way too long to download to the client- maybe you have too many images being loaded before the tab will display- some form of lazy loading would probably help.

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It’s impossible for me to load it. We’re investigating.


Wow that’s bad

My entire browser just crashed when I clicked ‘Wait’…

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@david @Mark

I’ve already sent you emails and msgs, but I still have this problem in one of my client app (pro plan)

It takes more than 30 secs to load, and in the phone always crashes… we had to decrease the number of rows and information of it to work a little better.

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Same! I just did a huge pitch and it doesnt even work for the investors… This was such a let down!

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This happens to me if I pass 10k rows as well.

@Christina_Grammenos One thing I see in your app is that you’re using old-style relations (the ones you write in the spreadsheet) versus the ones in the Data Editor. Those old-style relations are very slow. I’m not sure that’s the main, or the only reason, for your app’s slowness, but it seems like it it’s at least significantly contributing.

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@Mark, I think it’s the row count, I use only Glide relations and after 10k rows it slows down significantly, at around 14k rows updating the app via refresh takes 3 to 4 minutes, and you can forget about viewing the app as someone else logged in, that takes about 4 minutes for it to give you the ability to scroll.

Got it. Would you recommend recreating from scratch or just replacing old-style relations with new ones?

@Drearystate wow do you really need to update 14k rows (just asking) that seems like a lot.

I wonder if somehow you could do something to reduce that?

I’m sure if you tell the community more about your app and what it does they will come up with a few ideas. I want you to succeed

@Rosewebstudio thanks for the reply. I do sort of need those rows…I’m creating a “Spotify-like” app for fashion. Putting up all the archives of a few brands and letting users mine the library & gather demand for the pieces they most want remade. Glide has been amazing for MVP purposes & in it’s simplicity so I’d love to stick with it if possible.

All the rows = specific images of looks from a few thousand collections. Similar to songs in an album.

@Mark removing those few columns with old-style relations seemed to work! Thanks for the quick response - it wasn’t too painful a fix in the end.


How can you see the internals of the app Mark ? i can only preview it and not open in the editor… just curious…

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Mark is part of the actual glide team so he has super powers beyond us mere mortals :wink:


But how did he get in without the support code??

Super powers go beyond the support code.


I cannot argue with that.
It’s official; Mark has superpowers.