Delayed opening and downloading

Could this code be the reason for the slowness and delay in my app?

no, Glide is not working good for the past few days

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Hi guys!

I also have an app that in the last days is very slow ( 8-10 seconds to open).

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How many rows do you have in the app? Do you apply row owners?

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In my case, less than 100 :confused:

Can you send a link to your app for us to test?

Of course, here it is:

At the moment, the number of rows is 60.


It opens and works fine for me, I tested it on Safari and Chrome and worked fine from the beginning.

Saludos Arturo

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I see the same thing as @gvalero. No issues on my end.


I also checked and works well for me.

Is your connection good?

Thank you

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@gvalero @ThinhDinh @Dilon_Perera Thanks for testing the app.

My concern was that the app took 8-10 seconds to open in my laptop and mobile. I also tested in my friend’s devices and took the same time.

How long did it take to open in your cases?

Once the app load works perfectly, it’s only the load time.


It’s about the same in some of my large apps, for your information.

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It took 4-5 minutes to add one item!
This is absolutely illogical

My question again: How many rows do you have in the app? Do you apply row owners?

I have 5500 row up to now.

Wouldn’t you mind sharing your APP’s link to check it out?

How do I share it with you?

Write your APP’s link here to see it and tell us when your problem appears to try to replicate it.


Dear, I can not share my application on the public, I have a lot of somewhat sensitive information,