Taking ~30 seconds to load, then an immediate app refresh

My app’s URL: http://conversationhq.app/

When I open the app I get a spinner for an extended period of time, perhaps 20-30 seconds. Finally the app does load, though as if I’m on a dialup connection (I’m on my fast home wifi).

After it finishes loading the app immediately refreshes and the process starts over. This goes on as long as I leave the app open.

I have tried force closing the app and then relaunching, the same thing happens.

I’ve also noticed the app builder to be very laggy and slow since this issue first started. Not sure if it’s related.

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We’ll look into it ASAP. Thank you for reporting!

Yeah it’s slow

@Scott_SOP There’s definitely a bug on our end (which looks like it’s a bug in one of the services we use, but obviously it’s on us to fix it), but there are two things you can do to improve things on your end:

  1. In your User Access Control sheet you have one column, Login Count, that has values for about 50k rows, which means that Glide has to keep track of all those 50k rows, vs just the 2k or so that actually have useful data.
  2. If you use the Row Owners features for User Access Control, your app would not only be more secure, but the app would only have to download a single row from that sheet, vs the 2k (or 50k, if you don’t fix issue 1).

OK, thank you. Took care of 1. I’m unfamiliar with 2 but will look into it.