App Slowness in Iphone & android user

Hi Glide Team,

I’ve developed a product app for my company, and have been on pro version since August 2020. I have utilized up to 16K data rows and created about 10 tabs including those in the menu.

The app was running smoothly in the past. Lately I have received feedbacks from our users that the app is taking more than 10 seconds to load the main page, and another 5 - 10 seconds to navigate to different tabs. Some users had experienced unresponsiveness at times.

This issue was reported 2 weeks ago from Iphone and android users. I have personally tested with an android and iphone and found that Android phone suffering the most. Their response was twice of iphone user.

May I know what is the possible cause leading to this slowness? Thanks.



Do you use row owners for your app? 16k is a lot, I think that contributes to the slowness of the app.

Hi ThinhDinh,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes. I used row owners a lot as I want each users to set their own criteria in filters and got their search results. Just like Google search.

I think that might be the case. But it’s strange that it does not causing too much issue for the iphone users these few days. I tried with Iphone 8 plus which is 4 years old phone and it runs buttery smooth.

On Samsung Note 20, which is 1 year old flagship, it takes more than 10-15 seconds to get into the home page. The tabs were unresponsive too.

Do you think Android OS or google chrome could possibly be the issue?


I’m not sure about OS being the reason here. How are you setting your row owners up regarding criteria filters and search results? Why do you use row owners for that?

My company is a retailer selling natural stone products. My sales persons use the app to find product for their clients. I created the filter for each users so that they could individually find the products by categories.

For example I want my salesperson to be able to access from their own app by setting the criteria such as colour, type, finishes and etc… I have created an inline list without filter before, but it limits search with only 1 criteria at a time. It is less effective and take more time for manual filtering.

Here’s screenshot of the filter screen

Besides, I also use row owner to allow my salespersons to make a note for specific products. These notes are individually different and could not be seen by others.

I’m not sure if this contribute to the slowness. Do you have any recommendations to simplify the filtering function without using row owners?


It looks like you’re having the right setup, but one further question is what Sheet do you have the row owners on? I assume you have a very big Products sheet and you can’t really use row owners on that, if that’s the case then there’s no other way.

When you say row owners, are you sure you don’t mean user specific columns? The way you describe it, it seems like you are talking about user specific columns but I’m not sure. If you are using row owners, then I could only assume that you have a separate sheet to store the notes with an email column marked as the row owner column…and then you most likely have a relation linking the products to your notes sheet? If you are instead actually using user specific columns, then I think that would be the best way to store individual notes for each user on each product.


You are right. It’s user specific column that I use to store user’s individual notes. The reason I don’t use relation column is the individual notes store in another spreadsheet may use additional data rows as I might need the balance rows to upload more products information. We have a large product database.


I believe the only way now is to trim down or remove some functions in order to improve the speed. I will be delighted if you or someone could share any possible resolution in this. Thanks.

I have removed some less important user specific columns as I thought it will improve the speed. However, this is not the case. Today I received numerous feedbacks about the slowness from Android users. I have done the trial on iPhone and Android phone. The iPhone is 4 years old and Android is new phone.

Here’s comparison video clearly shows that glideapp is definitely perform better on IOS which is installed on Safari browser. I believe there’s bugs on the Android platform that need to be fixed.

Processing: MOV_0002.mp4…

I can’t view your video. Can you try uploading them again?

Here’s the link of the video.

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That does look like a problem. Please submit it here. Thanks!

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Report submitted.
Awaiting for a resolution soon.


Did you ever get a resolution to the slowness?? If so what did they recommend?

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The engineer team recommended to reduce number of computed rows and rows owner.

Slight improvement … ,but not much as I anticipated. Android users still experiencing longer loading time vs IOS users… Hope this area will be improved at soonest for smooth experience.


Same for me!