Row owner speed up app?

If we have a large user profile, will setting email as row owner help with the load time? Currently I have a pro app with approx 2000 users and I do see that loading time has increased.

In general yes, having row owners enabled should speed up the loading time of your app. This is because with row owners enabled each users device will only download that data that they have access to, and so there should be less data to download.

A good example is your User Profiles table. With 2000 users and no row owners, every user downloads the full 2000 rows. But with row owners enabled, each user will download just one row from that table.


thanks @Darren_Murphy. Understand now.

so we’ve used row owners to try & speed up the app, but instead… now we have users not able to load the apps data. !! we have users being able to load the data on one device and not on another.

our row owners are built using functions in google sheets. any advise on this?

Do you use arrayformula or something else?

here are the 4 row owner column formulas
=ARRAYFORMULA(if(ISBLANK(A2:A), “”,“Main Admin”))
=ARRAYFORMULA(IF(BC2:BC=“Shipped”, “Accounting”, “Operations”))
=ARRAYFORMULA(IF(BC2:BC=“Shipped”, “Accounting”, “Store”))

BC colum in the google sheet has a formula below looking up values from another sheet
=Arrayformula(If(A2:A=“”,IFERROR(VLOOKUP(A2:A,Orders!$A:$C,2,0),“Order Status Not Found”)))

the sheet formulas create an array in glide and we assign the row owner to that array column
(row-owner1, row-owner2 …row-owner4)

I had a similar issue recently that was eventually resolved by Glide Support.
I’d recommend submitting a support request.