Row owners making it difficult for users to load the app

Just started to use row owners in order to speed up the app. We have around 8000 rows and using row owners reduces the count to 500,600 for some users. we use formulas in google sheet to fill in the row owner columns. but many users not being able to load the app data?
what could be happening?

Can you share some more details about how you have this set up?

How are you assigning values in the google sheet?
How are the formulas set up?

Do you have any extra spaces before or after you row owner values?

Are your sheet columns creating an array in glide? Do you assign Row Owners to any array column, or do you assign Row Owners to multiple individual columns?

here are the 4 row owner column formulas
=ARRAYFORMULA(if(ISBLANK(A2:A), “”,“Main Admin”))
=ARRAYFORMULA(IF(BC2:BC=“Shipped”, “Accounting”, “Operations”))
=ARRAYFORMULA(IF(BC2:BC=“Shipped”, “Accounting”, “Store”))

we don’t have any spaces before or after the row owner values.

yes the sheet formulas create an array in glide and we assign the row owner to that array column
(row-owner1, row-owner2 …row-owner4)

I assume you are utilizing Roles in Glide. Does each user have the appropriate matching Role in the user profile table?

yes for sure.
users have the correct roles. i can access the correct rows on my mobile but on my laptop, the app doesn’t load any rows …

OK, I’m leaning towards a bug, but I just want to check one more thing. Do you have any extra rows in your user table? Maybe a new row was generated when you signed in with your laptop, so your mobile is using one user row and your desktop is using another user row?