Row owner roles as array column not working

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Describe the bug:
I have row owners based on roles (e.g. Admin, User, etc.). These roles are combined in an array column and that column is used as Row Owner
For users who have only the User role, they are unable to see any data in the app when logging in. However, I can see this data if I simulate acting as that User.

Expected behavior:
When a “User” logs in, they can see the data for which they are a row owner. This would then reflect me simulating that User.

How to replicate:
Create an app where users can have 2 roles. Give some users the roles Admin and User, and some users the role “User”.
In another table, make an array column called “Roles” and make this Row Owner
Only the first item in that array column can actually see data, even though it is an array

Link to demo recording (optional):
Can’t demo this publicly.

I had exactly this problem in one of my Apps some months ago. I don’t believe it’s a general bug (it works as expected in most Apps), but was something specific to my particular App at the time. I eventually got it resolved after submitting a ticket with Glide Support.

So my advice would be to do the same, assuming that you are on a plan that is entitled to Glide Support.

I’ve seen this before as well!!!

The solution had to do something with text alignment/formatting in Google sheets.

Try clearing all formats from these columns….especially if they’re being populated from a formula.


ah, yes… I remember your case with the funky GSheet formatting.
My case was different - no special formatting, just plain text columns. I don’t know what the problem was with mine - Glide just fixed it for me and never told me what was wrong :man_shrugging:

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