App lags for up to 5 seconds

Hello dear Gliders!

I have a rather complicated question about what can be done to an app to make it work faster.

Currently it lags for up to 5 seconds on filtering through date periods and even on typing into text field.

It is an app for delivery. Business plan.

It is on Glide tables.

It has 3 main roles of users: clients, couriers and admins. They are all used in filters for tabs and collections.

It is used by nearly 30 users per day.

My question: what possibly make it work slowly and what can be done to make it work faster?

Despite using filters and visibility conditions, all the data from these tables is being downloaded to end devices. If there is a lot of data, this could slow down the app.

Have you considered applying row owners or especially roles (grouped data ownership) so only the necessary data is sent to devices?


Thank you for your answer!

Do you think the main problem might be with filters and visibility conditions?

Yes, roles are applied, but no row owners.

Do you think the problem is that row owners are not used?

Also, do you think that if I make 2-3 apps (interfaces) with the same database, but fewer role filters it can boost the speed of the app?

It’s a bit pointless configuring roles if you don’t use them as row owners.

Yes, applying row owners will definitely improve the App loading time.


Thank you! I will try it