How to improve the performance of my GlideApp

Hi guys!

I launched my app recently, and we experience slow processing of the app’s screens, and the app is not even opened sometimes.

Is there a way to solve that?
Is that because we have too many rows?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Liran.

Too many rows shouldn’t be a problem until they are under glideapps limit. I have an app with 24000 rows and it works perfectly fine.

Is it just you who faces the problem or your other users face the problem as well? Try clearing your browser cookies.

Hi Hassan,

Thank you for your quick reply!
It happens also to others.
I have added the app to my home screen. Does it have any effect on the performance?

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Could you share the link of app with us on community so we can try as well?

Here is the link to the app:

Thanks a lot for your will to help Hassan!

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I’ll look into it Liran. Don’t worry, we will sort it out for you. If there is any problem in your app, the engineering team will look into it and resolve it for you.

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Hi Liran. I created my profile, and the app is perfectly fine. It’s super fast on my phone. Let’s wait for other community members to try it as well.

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Seems to work well for me too.

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Maybe it’s my phone which is slower then?
The screens load a bit slower for me :frowning:

I hope you could also help me with that one:
Another problem, that my friend faced, was by pressing the button which should open Google Maps and navigate to the location. Google Maps wasn’t open for him.
However, I don’t face such a problem. Do you know what could the problem be?

Looks to load nicely for me.

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Does it show an error on the screen? If he doesn’t have Google Maps installed, it should open in the default browser anyway, so that’s odd behaviour.

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It’s loading fast without any lag also navigation is working fine

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The button just does not trigger anything. That’s the problem that occurs on my friend’s phone.
Very odd behaviour :open_mouth:

Can you tell us how to navigate to that screen so we can hopefully reproduce the problem?

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Click on an item (an event) on the Events page.
After that, in the specific event page itself, you have a couple of fields that describe the event.
One of them is a location. You can click on that and check if it sends you to Google Maps.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It opens normally for me.

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Everything seems to be loading fine on my phone (Android).


Thanks for your help!

Then I guess its my phone which is problematic :stuck_out_tongue:

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