Apps running very slow with only 600 rows

Our glide apps referencing an sheet with ~600 rows are running very slowly.

The slow pages are the listing ones. They take upwards to 30 seconds to load when clicking the tab or menu link.

Items in the sheet are essentially marked open or complete, dependent on whether a “time completed” column is populated. We have two views to see open items or complete items, with relevant filters on each.

With the limit being 25k rows, we wouldn’t expect such poor performance for a small percentage of this utilised. Is there anything that can be done please? We’ve rolled out these Org apps to our team and the poor performance affecting our team quite drastically.

Can you please help us resolve this asap?


Could you please share your app, and tell me how to get to the slow parts of your app?

My has over 8000 rows and never experience slow loading. So i don’t think the number of rows you have is the cause.