Sheet with 24K rows to start with

Hi Glide Team,
I am embarking on a project that has 24,000 Rows in a single sheet – to start with and subject to grow. My question is, how will Glide perform in terms of speed, read and write, data query and image display when data needs to be read and written to a sheet with at least 24K rows? Equally there will be other sheets that will potentially grow to the same size.


Have a project to get that, or maybe get over it. I’d like to know too. Or maybe someone who has an app with this amount, just share to make a test

Might be worth duplicating the data a couple of times to see how it reacts.


That’s a lot of rows. Just curious, how many columns?

24K rows with 15 columns.

@Jeff_Hager I would love to do so, such testing would only be possible under the pro account and duplicating the 25K rows would require a business account.

I ran a stress test on one of my apps. I had 5 columns and 120,000 rows to start out with. This was loaded into a single list. While it did load everything…I think…it really pushed my computer and phone to their limits. Refreshing the sheet in the builder took a few minutes to load the entire sheet and the builder was sluggish, although that could have been the entire browser being slow. I’m sure the browser is caching all of this between the sheet, the builder and running a published version of the app all at once.

Backing down to 100,000 rows, things were slow, but slightly more responsive. The app on my phone stopped crashing.

At 75,000 rows, I’d say things were bearable.

At 50,000 rows, I’d say most operations are normal if not just a hair slower than usual.

Obviously most people would have much smaller lists and sets of data visible at one time. I would advise against loading 120,000 items in a single list. :wink:

  • Disclaimer: My computer is a few years old, but decent, although I have about 100 browser tabs open.
    My phone is an old cheap model and will lock up if you look at it wrong. I have around 50 browser tabs open on that.
    Results would probably vary depending on the equipment you are working with, so if you have something faster, it may work better.

This is useful thanks!

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Thank you @Jeff_Hager. This is extremely useful and helping in planning and data management.

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Thanks sharing @Jeff_Hager

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How did you get 100,000 rows into a Glide Sheet? I have a Private Pro App and it cut my table off at 5,000 rows. My table only has a few columns and is lookup only. It is super fast at 5,000 rows, but I need 40,000 rows. Thank you.

When I had ran that test, it was in a pro app using a google sheet. I simply duplicated rows over and over until I had 120,000 of them. I didn’t verify that all of the rows showed up in glide, but it did start to affect overall performance. Glide tables alone would probably be better with that many rows, since you eliminate the process of syncing and the bottleneck between glide and the google sheet.

I’m not sure what you mean by having a glide table cut off at 5000 rows. You shouldn’t have that limit with a pro app.

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Got it to work. Just needed to do a couple of refreshes. Lookup still smoking fast. Thank you, appreciate your help.

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