App not loading on mobile or desktop

My app’s URL:

My app is taking a really, really long time to load, even on desktop.

I know I have a few things that might be causing this:

  1. Lots of rows although I’m below my limit
  2. I haven’t made as much use of data tables but it’s not ideal for what I’m showcasing
  3. I have a few filters on what things I want to show vs. not

Is it a serious bug or is there something I can rework on my end to fix this:?

The app is a Spotify wannabe for fashion.

Thank you!

Maybe a bug since days. Only 2K rows and my app take a long time to be opened.

How many rows do you have in your app?

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Should I try to get rid of any sheets I’m not using?

There is personal information in that sheet. Are you sure you want to share it in a public forum?


Thank you!! I wasn’t thinking :woman_facepalming:

Apps load at different speeds in every country. Can you tell us what countries you’ve tested in?

I’ve tested it in the UK, US, Spain, Russia - the US has the least delay, but everywhere else it’s almost impossible to load on the desktop (3-4 min). On mobile it’s about a 4 second delay in the US, UK and Russia.

I just tested with my desktop browser (I’m in Singapore). It took just over 6 seconds to load after entering the pin. On my mobile (IOS Safari) it was slightly faster - about 5 seconds.

I’m from Israel and I also suffer from this issue. Anything that we can do over here to make apps faster?