Apps are loading slow

Hi My app is loading very slowly in the mobile version. It just has 14 users but it takes 13-20 sec to load the first screen.

I don’t think the number of users is the main factor here. How many rows of data do you have? Do you have a lot of computed columns? Do you show a lot of images?

Yes there are somewhere 500 rows and yes there are computed columns. The home screen shows 10-15 images but they are an essential part of the UI. Is there a way to speed up ?

Do users have to load all 500 rows, or can you use row owner/roles to only allow them to load their own rows?

@Dotstory_Admin check the size of the images. If they are big then consider adding a smaller version of the image. Say you are using an image from the camera then the size might be 3 mb. A image with 100 kb if probably sufficient

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No they are restricted, per users its somewhere 20-25 rows only

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Thanks for the input man, will definitely try this