Slow app "graphically?" ¡HELP!

I have an application that I created in Glide and Glide is honestly impressive … My actions are fast, the buttons and processes of the application are also excellent … But I feel that it has become “slow” visually speaking. Sometimes it takes time to change tabs or swipe down or to the sides it looks not fluid. Why is this?

Many rows?
Many columns?
Many items in the tab?
Many images?

and most importantly … Do you have a solution or can any action be taken to improve / fix this?

How many rows do you currently use for the app? Do you use Google Sheets or Glide Tables?

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I have a Delivery app, so I have to have a lot of images in the app. Those I upload to Google Sheets. The rest I upload to Glide. I have a total of 2019 rows in use.
What I can do?

I believe if you don’t have the need to store them in the Sheets, moving them to Glide Tables will enhance the performance of the app.

However, there’s no option to mass upload data to Glide Tables yet.

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Also, what do you mean by uploading the images to Google Sheets? Are you using Drive or Glide storage?


The only reason I don’t upload everything to Glide Tables is because I need to load images in bulk and it still can’t be done from Glide unfortunately …

So I assume you’re using Drive? I hope we can soon mass import things to Glide Tables but still, I think we have a CSV option first before mass importing images.