Performance pitfalls

I have an app that is really laggy and I don’t know what to try to speed it up. I have multi-select choice components and text components that take 5 or sometimes 10 seconds to respond to clicks or typing, and it makes it nearly unusable in my experience.

It would be hard to do screen capture videos without showing a lot of names, but here’s a simple one of two actions - add a row and delete a row from the same Glide table, which takes about 15 seconds total.
Google photos video

I’ve had problems in the past with query columns causing big delays. I use both Google Sheets and Glide tables because of the need to add data with Zapier, but I’m not using any formulas in Sheets. I have a good Ethernet connection in this case.

The largest table has about 6K rows. There are a lot of computed columns. What are some rules of thumb anyone has to maintain speed? What else would you need to know to troubleshoot this?

What exactly does that “New template” button do in your video?

Do you have access to the Glide API? If so, maybe you can try moving your data to Glide Tables and use the Glide API to add rows, if that’s the sole reason you’re using Sheets.

The button adds a row to a Glide table, but now that you mention it, it’s via a relation to a Sheets table.

Yes, that’s the sole reason I’m using Sheets, and I’ve been wondering if I just need to get up to speed on working directly with the API instead of using Zapier. Would that be your recommendation? The other apps required are Quickbooks Online and Quotient (Webhooks API for Quotient | Quotient), so everything I’m doing in Zapier would need to happen without Sheets.