Bulk data update

My client would have to add and remove big chunks of data every now and then. It looks like only Excel or Google Sheets is the only option for me, because Glide Tables doesn’t have that functionality. Am I correct in my assessment?

If your client has a Pro Team account or higher, then the Glide Tables API is available.

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Thanks. I guess it’s a solution, but not ideal because of the cost and I dont really know how to use APIs.

I tried loading 499 records from Excel data source and the app is extremely slow now, beyond usable. That’s why I hoping to use Glide tables.

500 rows is nothing, and certainly shouldn’t cause any slow down.

Do you have any formulas in your Excel sheet?
If you do, that could explain the slowness. Wherever possible, you should replace any spreadsheet formulas with Glide Computed Columns.

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I have an Excel sheet without any formulas. I am pulling three sheets. Two sheets contain foreign IDs. Here is the link: All About Tire & Wheel

its pretty slow, its not snail slow, but slow enough to be annoying.

it should be almost instant… in GS… i did over 150k rows… not a problem

Are the above filter choices writing to User Specific Columns?
If they are not (and I suspect they are not), then that explains the slowness.
Change those to use User Specific Columns, and your filter results will be instant.

There were not connected to anything, I was just playing around with the design. But you are right. I removed and it works faster. Thats good to know. Thank you.