Advice on Moving from Google Sheets to Glide Tables

I used Google Sheets for simplicity and the ability to see data changes in a separate window in real-time (two cents worth - Glide should have their Data Editor accessible in another tab so as not to disrupt the development cycle by switching into and out of Data Editor/ Layout mode)

Unfortunately - performance with GS can be abysmal (I use working tables for all edits which usually have Computed Columns) with some updates taking 30 seconds. A quick test using Glide Tables brought this down to 1-2 seconds. Great news accept…

…I have a LOT of computed columns in almost all my edit screens (using google sheets) with LOTS of actions (and associated google tables) so this seems to ripple through the App.

I am trying to figure out how to ‘swap’ tables (same name, same layout, different underlying source (Glide instead of Google) to retain all underlying logic but I think this is a pipe dream.

My option seems to methodically migrate/rewrite each table/action/layout to use the new Glide table but I may be missing something obvious (not the first time this would have occurred with Glide dev :slight_smile: )

Add your vote if you haven’t already.

Lots of us have asked for this, so hopefully we’ll get it at some time in the not too distant future.


I already did…just wondering if there was a fix/alternative option given all the new features/activities going on plus the push towards Pages. Something new I hoped.

Good to be back in Glide dev…I think! :wink:

We are also trying to migrate to Glide Tables, however there are many concerns related to this especially with large apps, many rows.
For example as I am testing this today on an app with only 1500 rows

  • I just imported a google sheet into a blank new Glide Page, however I can’t seem to copy an entire glide column data and place it into another column.
  • I cannot even delete a column. When I delete the column remains in place.

there are 2 very important features required in large apps and very easy to perform in Google Sheets. We use Glide as part of a bigger process. We collect data in it and require to move it on. So being able to delete data in Glide in order to improve our app performance is essential!

currently it seems unclear whether Glide Tables can support

  • deleting thousands of rows at once. (definitely not on the editor, not sure whether if anyone tried using API)
  • copying entire columns through the editor. (we want to recreate our app, use better column names to make life easier while accessing via API)

having checked the app again now, seems like the columns actually got deleted. Quite a stressful delete though, its hard to know what to do, wait, refresh ( i did many times), delete the column again… worrying that by accident a new column would be selected and deleted… etc.

In my experience, bulk deleting rows is best done via the API. I did some load testing late last year where I was deleting up to 100,000 rows via the API, in batches of 100. It works perfectly.

yes, that has also been my experience. Deleting a handful of rows works fine in the data editor, but once you start trying to delete hundreds or thousands of rows it becomes quite problematic.

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