Google Sheets not always reliable?

Hi fellow Gliders,
Last year I created a Glide app to keep track of some health items that I need.
I created a Google Sheet and used it in my Glide App (classic)
In the past two weeks, I noticed that sometimes the app did not show the updated data.
Last time I posted a question on how to delete data rows in my Google Sheet so it would stay up to speed and I don’t need to remove the rows manually to keep them in my FREE data rows.
This worked great.
But I still noticed that sometimes the data shown on the screen was not updated.
For example, every time I press a button, one number should be decreased by three.
I saw the action in my list, but the total did not change. After closing the app and doing the action again, it showed the action in the list, but the total was not changed.
Sometimes after a third time, it was changed.
If I looked in the Google Sheets, the correct data was there, but I had no idea why it was not shown on the screen.
This brought me to the following. I was thinking of converting my Google Sheet to a Glide table.
I looked around to see if there was some kind of conversion for it, but there isn’t.
The only thing I can think of now is to recreate the whole app again, but then do it with a Glide Table.
It will be a lot of work but I think it is the only way.
If there is a different way, then please let me know and try to explain it to me as simply as possible.
Or if you have any tips or tricks, then also please let me know.
Keep in mind, I am on the FREE plan.
I am thinking of opening the app on my second screen and recreating the app on my first screen so I have some idea and I don’t need to switch between the apps the whole time.
Many thanks in advance for your time and reactions. :slight_smile:

For now the only way is to manually recreate the tables column by column. When you are finished with the new Glide tables you could use find all uses on your old columns and reassign to your new columns.

This is exactly what I do :+1:

I wouldn’t suggest recreating the whole app. That’s a lot of work to remake all your screens and actions. I would simply add new Glide tables to your existing app and start copying your columns. As previously mentioned after you make new Glide tables use find all uses on the old columns.

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You could import the Google Sheet data as CSV to new (empty) Glide Tables. The import process will create any columns that are required.

Computed columns and everything else needs to be done manually though.


in excel, when we delete a table, it is automatically transformed into a glide table, in data. If this is also the case with google tables, then it would be enough for you to duplicate your application with the tables, and then delete the google tables.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work with GSheet. It’s been a requested feature among many of us

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Right now, I am busy recreating the new table.
I can import from the Google Sheet, all the regular columns and have to manually create the computed columns.
It is some tricky work, but I manage.
I discovered that when I recreate an action, when I add a new ROW, there is the column Favorite.
I had set this to custom and left it empty. But when I look in my Glide table, that column is there and I cannot remove/delete it.
I think that for now, I will just leave it there.
The plan for the future is to create a new app with more options.
Once I have recreated all the Google Sheet tables into Glide tables, can I then just delete the Google Sheet or do I need to remove it in a different way?
Because right now, it is eating up my data space in my FREE plan.
I cannot remove separate Google Sheet tabs. I only have the option to Show API and Export.
Or do I need to remove the tab in my Google Sheet, and then it also will be removed in the Glide app?
I hope my question is clear and hope you understand what I mean.
Thanks in advance for your time and reply/help. :slight_smile:

Hi @Pierre_de_Man


Ya I would just leave it.

If you remove the tab from Google Sheet then the tab will also disappear from Glide after a sync. Just make sure to double check that none of the columns in Google Sheet are still in use.

This doesn’t sound right. If the Google Sheet is not used by your app in anyway then it should not count against you. If you are still in the process of mapping everything over to glide tables… then that would make sense. After you fully complete the transfer it should not count against you.

There’s no harm in leaving the Google Sheet connected in the end… you could at least see a login history.

but if you want to remove it completely you could goto settings → Data → Data Sources → Remove

I hope this was helpful!


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But before you delete a sheet from your Google Spreadsheet, be sure to check with “Find all uses” on every column in the Glide Data editor to make sure none of the columns are used by your App anymore. If you don’t do that, deleting the Google Sheet could break your App.



Always good to duplicate your app first as well.


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