Advice needed for changing from Google Sheets to Glide Tables

I am busy creating a Glide App and I am using Google Sheets for this.
Every time I hear things about Glide Tables.
I had looked into this and many topics came up.
I also noticed, that after Glide had changed its plans and features, now if you want to share your app as a template, you need to have Glide Tables.
I even read somewhere that maybe Glide wants to stop with the use of Google Sheets?
Before I continue with (re)creating my app and before my Google Sheet is getting too big, I want some advice.
Do I recreate my app, start all over, and use Glide Tables or shall I just continue and just use Google Sheets?
I don’t have much data yet, but I already can see that if I would recreate my app with only Glide Tables, it will be a lot of work.
I also saw something about a feature request to convert Google Sheets to Glide Tables. But I did not see what the status was of this at this moment.
Many thanks in advance for all your replies and time. :slight_smile:

I don’t forsee google sheets going away anytime soon. My main project still uses google sheets and likely will for a long time, because I have more control over data backups. I’d say stay with google sheets if you are comfortable with them, but consider the increase in update counts compared to using glide tables only.

Also consider that you don’t have to convert an entire app from google sheets to glide tables and vice versa. You can do one table at a time and slowly phase in the change over time.

And yes, there is a way to import data, but you would still have to recreate any computed columns.


Changed your post title so the topic can be clearer for people who come later.


Thanks :slight_smile: