Substitute a Google Sheet with a Glide Table

Suppose I create a Glide Table as an identical copy of a Google Sheet - the same name, the same column names etc.

If I delete the Google Sheet, and stick with the newly created Glide Table , will everything work correctly - controls, filters, conditions etc??

Thank you.

It must be noted before going into this that you can not simply create an identical copy with a push of a button yet. You have to manually enter every row of your Google Sheet.

Assuming you don’t use any functions in GSheets that Glide hasn’t offered yet, everything else will be fine.

Not with a push of a button!

Don’t use any functions in the sheet but a whole lot of filters and conditions in the app.

Can’t wait until they support importing CSV so I can start migrating to Glide Tables, as of now it’s borderline impossible if you have a big dataset.

You can check the excellent thread above bi Yinon to understand more about the feature, as of now.